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The great man left in what can only be described as a somewhat marked manner, pointing out that he had never had the advantages of some of the other contestants, such as attending stage school in his youth, or starring in a West End musical.

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Did nobody ask Michael or Johnny if they could dance before they signed them up? In the Seventies, we thought it would never die, but like the old soldier, it just faded away. When animal magic wears thin.

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Learning the lessons of Ponzi. Nov 24, Mebarka Fekih rated it really liked it Shelves: When all the jungle animals gothered to show their dancing talents ,poor Gerald was bullied about his lack of talent. This book depicted a great message about respecting other parties differences and finding ones own rythm. Jun 11, Pooja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved it very much! I was of course drawn to this book because it's about a giraffe, but fortunately it doesn't end there.

The warthogs started waltzing And the rhinos rock'n'rolled The lions danced a tango Which was elegant and bold. The chimps I was of course drawn to this book because it's about a giraffe, but fortunately it doesn't end there. The chimps all did a cha-cha With a very Latin feel, And eight baboons then teamed up For a splendid Scottish reel.

When Gerald comes near the dance floor, though, the animals all start laughing at him because they know he's so clumsy.

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Giraffes Can't Dance 20th Anniversary Sticker Activity Book

But it's an endearing story with fun rhyming lines and a simple message about being different, fitting in, not letting others get you down or make you feel ashamed, and that it's okay to do things differently. A great lesson for young kids who, they say, begin quite early to draw lines between Us and Them, between Like and Different. Jul 07, Jessica Hall rated it really liked it. However, what Gerald wanted to be good at, but was most definitely not, was dancing.


But Gerald simply froze on the dance floor, to the amusement of his friends that were shouting 'Giraffe's can't dance! A somewhat sad and lonely Gerald found himself gazing up at the bright shining moon, listening to a wise and friendly cricket. The cricket says that dancing is all about the music and that maybe Gerald hadn't found the right song yet The night evolves into a triumphant encore performance by Gerald, shocking his jungle friends with his new found dance vocabulary.

A bright and colourful, fun book for children age five to seven. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of its eloquent rhyming text that roles off the tongue and entertains the ears of primary aged children. The beautiful illustrations help to carry the story when reading it aloud to a class or if it is being read in guided reading time. The story promotes exploration into self-confidence, self-esteem and individuality. It could provide lesson material across the primary curriculum such as in Literacy; using it to develop skills in hearing and identifying rhyming words.

In PE the book could be used to model and explore different dance styles; the waltz, the Scottish reel and the tango and just a few styles mentioned in the story. And in Art if feeling creative, children could design and make animal masks such as lion masks, baboon masks, giraffes, warthogs and rhinos too. Enjoy this book as much as I did and get your dancing shoes on! Aug 28, Alexis Caudill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book summary, in your own words 3 pts Every year in Africa the animals hold the Jungle Dance.

Every animal had a dance and they were all quite good. Gerald the Giraffe on the other hand was very clumsy and was sad because he thought he was really bad at dancing. Gerald meets a cricket who proves himself and all of the other animals wrong. Grade level, interest level, lexile 1 pt This book good probably be read by studen 1. Grade level, interest level, lexile 1 pt This book good probably be read by students from 2nd-5th grade.

It is very interesting and the lexile is very moderate. Individual students who might benefit from reading 1 pt I think all students would benefit from reading this book. It has a great lesson behind it. Small group use literature circles 1 pt This book would be good for helping students practice reading out loud. The students could also discuss this book in groups and tell out loud what they learned.

Whole class use read aloud 1 pt I would probably read this book aloud to my class for story time. I would also ask questions and discuss it with them. By Lindsey Craig 8. Multimedia connections audio books, movie available 1 pt There are audiobooks for this book. I also found a Scholastic Interactive version of this book on Vimeo that I thought was awesome. Sep 12, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought a reminder would be a good idea. His legs get tangled when he tries to dance!

He is so ashamed and sad at the animals dance But the magic of a cricket's violin will make Gerald dance as in a dream! Giraffes can't dance is written in verse and illustrated in colorful pictures. I'm again posting a book with the message of knowing your own skills to excel in what y "We all can dance", he said, "when we find music that we love" This book is not really new, but it's a good one.

I'm again posting a book with the message of knowing your own skills to excel in what you are good at, and respect the other because they are not like you, not better or worse, but different. I choose books like this for my kids pretty often since I think being self-confident and not judgmental of other is something they really should learn. Check out more children's book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog!

Mar 14, Ms. Arca rated it it was amazing. I loved the rhyming pattern and the message. Jul 09, Emma rated it it was amazing. This is a brilliant story and makes me remember the sheer excitement of exploring the world of exotic animals and the exciting places they lived. The story uses colourful illustrations and a rhythmical storyline which provides a musical and fast paced feel.

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The story is about a giraffe called Gerald who lives in the African plains of Kenya. The plains are filled with lively animals who just love to dance. As a result Gerald often gets teased by the other animals and after a rather embarrassing and critical moment at the Jungle Dance, Gerald is laughed out of town. With a little reflection and council from a wise old cricket, Gerald is freed from his self doubt with a lively and colourful twist. This message is written in an exciting and rhythmical way enhanced by the beautiful and colourful illustrations.

I like this book as it has a positive message to deliver to children about finding your own style but also not to expect others to have the same abilities. It encourages them to be more open minded when they meet new people and enjoy the diversity of the world. Children will be able to identify the various creatures detailed in the book. The characters are loveable and humorous and the book has wonderful creative illustrations that set out the scenes. These books can support literacy by encouraging imagination and development of word language and can also inspire creative games, oral stories and writing in Y1 and lower Y2.

The detailed illustrations ensure the story is used as visual aid on an interactive whiteboard. I thought it was a cute book as I read it to my sister. My sister, Nora, who is five, thought this book was really good. One thing Nora enjoyed the most was the pictures of all the animals.

She wanted me to read it to her again and again. Plot There was a dance party in the African jungle. When Gerald got there, he was told by the other animals he could not dance.

Why can't dinosaurs dance? : AntiJokes

He was sad and left the party. Gerald met a cricket, and the cricket had told him to be himself. All of the other animals all wanted to know how he learned to dance like he did. Characterization Gerald Gerald was a giraffe that lived in Africa. He had his feelings hurt when he arrived to the party. Gerald was not wanted by the other animals because he could not dance.

When he got advice from a cricket, he had learned that it's okay to be different. Setting This book takes place in the African jungle at night during a dance party. The dance party is important ,because Gerald learns it doesn't matter how he danced.

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No matter something is done, it is great because it is special. Recommendation I would recommend this book for all toddlers. They would enjoy this story, because there are amazing pictures to look at and a good story to hear. The parents who read the book for their little boys and girls would also be able to share a good message with their little ones. The message being that they can do anything if they try in their own special way. Apr 30, Kerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: In short, you need the perfect dino egg and all the complex chemistry contained within it.

In the book, they generate artificial eggs, in the films they use ostrich eggs. And this is before we even consider legislature, planning permission, protest groups and the effect on the ecosystem. Quite the contrary, they are among us right now. Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs, birds are not closely related to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs including birds are the survivors of at least four extinction events, emerging each time in more diverse, weird and wonderful forms.

One key element of our paper is that we theorise that their ability to do this is facilitated by their genome structure. We discovered that birds and most non-avian dinosaurs had a lot of chromosomes packages of DNA. Having so many allows animals to generate variation, the driver of natural selection.