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Megan Robinson Tamika Cheree Grimmett Olivia Bayton Pauline Ann Johnson Prosecution Attorney Ari Rufino Kyle Robinson Jodi Gabrielle Beals News Reporter Christine Marie Uncle Ray Vanessa Vigier Young Megan Katarina Von Eper Jury Foreman Rick Bobier Court Officer Jesia Swift Detective 1 Preston Black I really had no idea where the author would go with this story line. I have to say she took me totally by surprise and in a very good way. Guilty Innocence is a heart wrenching roller coaster of a read. From the opening chapter, the author commandeered my attention and with a hard hitting story line I was well and truly captivated throughout.

One of the best books I have read in some time. A harrowing, gripping story of two 11 year olds who admit the abduction and senseless, brutal murder of a 2 year old child. Fourteen years later they have false identities and Mark, alias Joshua, is attempting to get his life on track.

However he is haunted by guilt, shame and blame. A tale of dysfunctional families and damaged individuals. The telling of this story evokes tension and anxiety. An excellent psychological, thriller that will stay in the mind with shocks and surprises right up to the end. Feb 01, Mark Tilbury rated it really liked it.

Guilty Innocence is about two people searching for answers and justice after earlier events in their lives. The story takes you on so many twists and turns that you quickly become engrossed in it. Two of the characters Mark and Natalie made me feel a range of emotions from frustration to sympathy. Some of their thoughts and actions made me wonder what on earth they were doing, but they redeemed themselves in the end. They are both products of what happened in their childhoods and the author ex Guilty Innocence is about two people searching for answers and justice after earlier events in their lives.

They are both products of what happened in their childhoods and the author explores the events, and consequences of those events, sensitively. Parts of the story are quite graphic and not for the faint hearted, but I feel they are necessary to the understanding of the actions of the characters. They also link the past to the present in a very effective way.

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The author also gets into the minds of all her characters extremely well. All in all, a superb book. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Aug 13, Lisa Otoupal-Robel rated it it was ok. I just didn't like this book at all. I gave it two stars just for the amount of work the author put in to writing all. I don't think the book was poorly constructed. I don't think the plot was too outlandish.

I just didn't like any single character in the entire book. I wanted to smack the main character nearly every chapter. Too riddled with guilt. Too full of self-importance. Jeez man, get a grip. I wanted to smack his on-again-off-again girlfriend for eati I just didn't like this book at all. I wanted to smack his on-again-off-again girlfriend for eating her feelings.

For being SUCH a drama queen. The sister of the murdered girl I wasn't even surprised.

The Guilty Innocent by Shannon Adamcik

The other half of the murderous pair I guess what I disliked most about this book was that the surprises weren't all that surprising. I didn't like the stalkerish tone the main character took, all in the name of making things right. I absolutely did not like the way the author portrayed the self-abuse. The ending just exasperated me. Of course everyone was who they ended up to be. Of course it would end like that. I can't give it away, because someone else probably will enjoy this read because it is so drama-filled. The book and all the unnecessary drama exhausted me.

All the dialogue made me weary of the characters. Their struggles seemed trite. I felt the ending was too pat. I just didn't like it: Jun 02, Nicki Southwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a beautifully written book that spares readers nothing. Two young boys, hanging around looking for entertainment, walk away with a toddler.

What happens next sickens and disgusts the nation. The boy's names are on everyone's lips as they are sent to a detention centre. They are deemed too young for prison.

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Years later they emerge with new names and identities. Mark Josh has a good job and keeps his head down. He was found guilty along with Adam who actually murdered the little girl Abby. Mark has a girlfriend, Natalie who he develops feelings for. She realises that information about Mrk's life is missing and goes about trying to find our more by going through his belongings in his flat.

What she finds changes everything. Natalie has issues of her own, mainly to do with her weight and lack of confidence. She has been self-harming for some years, which is something that Mark understands. What a family have to live with after the murder of a young child is so well researched that you cannot but be touched. The characters are so plausible and well described that you cannot fail to be drawn into the story. I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for this opportunity. Actual rating - 3.

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May 09, Susan Angela Wallace rated it it was amazing. Guilty innocence by Maggie james. Mark was once convicted of a brutal killing. Fantastic read with brilliant characters. Couldn't put it down. Apr 13, Donna Maguire rated it it was amazing Shelves: The pace of the book was spot on, I loved the way the characters interacted and the way they were described to bring the story to life, some tough subjects are handled and for me it was really well written.

I thought it was a genuine page turner and the kind of book that is right up my street — I loved it!!! This book could have been so much more It was very predictable to the point I wouldn't consider it a thriller. Guilty Innocence is a strong psychological thriller and an unusual story written with excellent characterizations of damaged people trying to go forward with their lives but unable to escape the horrors of the past.

The story line and Ms. James writing draw you into these desperate lives and keep you turning pages, looking for what happens next in tempo with the characters themselves. A very good read! A compellingly, disturbing read. Guilty Innocence was well written, full of twists and turns, with believable likeable characters and psychological intrigue.

This was my second book my Maggie James and my favourite so far! Feb 12, Rebekah rated it did not like it. Didn't like this at all, I couldn't get behind any of the characters, it seemed to be trying too hard and felt somewhat forced. Which is a complete shame given how much I rate other novels by Maggie James.

Brilliant loved this book. I love books when you cant guess whats going to happen the story. Jan 13, Angela rated it it was amazing. This book was very poignant and very well written it also has a beginning , a middle and an end. So many books don't. I gave this book 5 stars as it was worth them. Jan 10, Alicia Huxtable rated it really liked it.

Guilty Innocence

Thankfully this book was tastefully written and not identical to actual events otherwise there's no way I would have finished it. Maggie James had just enough detail but not too much to turn me off. Briliant Couldn't put it downn this was one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read fantastic ending brilliant from start to finish. This is the second time that I have read this book, the first time being when it was originally published in and boy oh boy it was just as jaw dropping this time round as it was then.

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I really believe that this is Maggie James's best work of all the books that she has written and I have read them all. There is a saying that it is not all over until the fat lady sings well in this story it would be on the last line of the book because there is no working this one out, no second guessing, j This is the second time that I have read this book, the first time being when it was originally published in and boy oh boy it was just as jaw dropping this time round as it was then.

There is a saying that it is not all over until the fat lady sings well in this story it would be on the last line of the book because there is no working this one out, no second guessing, just the ultimate of wows! Do be warned though this book is about child murder carried out by children so in places not the easiest read, but the story really is something else.

How the heck do you decide the length of time a child that has committed murder serves for the crime, Life? Well the two boys that brutally murdered 2 year old Abby Morgan were back in society all grown up, with new identities and completely unrecognisable. Fourteen years had gone and Mark Slater had already broken a rule. If he saw a girl more than a couple of times he must tell his parole officer but he was sleeping with Natalie Richards and he really liked her and she him. The only thing was she wanted some sort of commitment and Mark couldn't tell her why he couldn't give her that.

Natalie was determined to find out if he had another girl but what she found was a monster. OMG what the hell would you do? Oh this is so darn good. This is what I loved about this book. There weren't clear options because emotions were just too high and Mark seemed so sincere that I couldn't help but want to give him a second chance. I was just so involved. This tended to favor the nobility over the lower classes.

The maxim or its equivalent has been adopted by many civil law systems, including Brazil , [10] China , [11] France , [12] Italy , [13] [14] Philippines , [15] Poland , [16] Romania [17] and Spain. An objective observer in the position of the juror must reasonably conclude that the defendant almost certainly committed the crime. The presumption of innocence was originally expressed by the French cardinal and jurist Jean Lemoine in the phrase " item quilbet presumitur innocens nisi probetur nocens a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty ", based on the legal inference that most people are not criminals.

Throughout the web of the English criminal law one golden thread is always to be seen—that it is the duty of the prosecution to prove the prisoner's guilt subject to what I have already said as to the defence of insanity and subject also to any statutory exception This right is so important in modern democracies , constitutional monarchies and republics that many have explicitly included it in their legal codes and constitutions:.

In the United Kingdom changes have been made affecting this principle. Defendants' previous convictions may in certain circumstances be revealed to juries. Although the suspect is not compelled to answer questions after formal arrest, failure to give information may now be prejudicial at trial. Statute law also exists which provides for criminal penalties for failing to decrypt data on request from the Police.

If the suspect is unwilling to do so, it is an offence. Furthermore, in sexual offence cases such as rape, where the sexual act has already been proved beyond reasonable doubt, there are a limited number of circumstances where the defendant has an obligation to adduce evidence that the complainant consented to the sexual act, or that the defendant reasonably believed that the complainant was consenting. These circumstances include, for example, where the complainant was unconscious, unlawfully detained, or subjected to violence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Criminal procedure Criminal trials and convictions Rights of the accused Fair trial Pre-trial Speedy trial Jury trial Counsel Presumption of innocence Exclusionary rule 1 Self-incrimination Double jeopardy 2. Conviction Acquittal Not proven 3 Directed verdict.

Presumption of innocence

Mandatory Suspended Custodial Discharge Guidelines. Capital punishment Execution warrant. Imprisonment Life imprisonment Indefinite imprisonment. Criminal defenses Criminal law Evidence Civil procedure.