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  1. Just for woodland owners and enthusiasts in SE Ohio
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And the fact that the author has also listed a number of bibliographical references is not only an added bonus, it enhances the teaching and learning potential of One Day in the Woods allowing for additional reading and research by both potential students and teachers. However, for simple pleasure reading, I think that unless a young reader is intensely interested in ecology, One Day in the Woods just might be a bit too wordy and too filled-to-the-core with facts upon facts to be an absolute reading joy.

And finally, the accompanying black-and-white illustrations by Gary Allen, while they are indeed lovely and descriptive, for me, they still do present more of a decorative trim than an integral part of the narrative although I really do enjoy his depiction of the flying squirrel, as its huge eyes can be used to point out that mainly nocturnal animals often have much larger eyes in order to be able to see better at night. I think that Gary Allen's illustrations do add a certain something, but I also believe that One Day in the Woods would still be an informative read without the illustrations they somewhat augment the story, but are not actually necessary for the book's printed words, for its scientific, biologic information to be appreciated.

View all 3 comments. We liked the detailed descriptions of the prairie ecosystem, but our girls lost interest after awhile. This is a similar book in Jean Craighead George 's series of books about different natural environments. This tale takes us out on a full day of exploring a woodland reservation in northern New York.

The book is labeled as a nonfiction book by our local library; I assume it is primarily due to the ecological content. The deciduous woods, part of what is called 'the temperate forest,' houses a vast array of insects, animals, birds and other creatures. We see many of them in Rebecca's quest for the ovenbird.

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I like that she discovers many ways in which nature fools us and acts in surprising ways. The black and white illustrations are very realistic and nicely detailed. They complement the story and show a small sample of the wildlife described.

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Overall, it's an informative and interesting story. We read this over two days so our girls didn't get too overwhelmed by the details or bored by the story, but I think the fact that they are a year older also helped them stay focused as well. Dec 10, Stacey Mulholland rated it liked it. The plot of the book isn't very interesting. The value of the book is the use of descriptive language Jean Craighead George uses to describes the setting, animals, and plants.

May 10, Jack Norton rated it liked it. The main character in this book is a young girl named Rebecca. Rebecca is a curious girl and she is very interested in animals. Rebecca is looking for a certain bird called the ovenbird. Rebecca gets very upset when something happens to the environment , for example Rebecca gets very upset when she accidentally set the forest on fire. Feb 04, Jodi rated it liked it Shelves: Quick little chapter book about the woods and some of its creatures. We liked learning about the different layers of the forest and drew them into our nature notebooks.

Reading about the ovenbird was fun, too, and motivated us to go look up pictures and calls on a bird identification website.

Just for woodland owners and enthusiasts in SE Ohio

Jun 03, Katy Mccormac rated it it was amazing Shelves: Told in narrative form, students will learn about the ecology of the North American forest, the Teatown Woods on New York State including flora and fauna within the layers of the woods. Additional themes include human impact and respect for our natural world.

Sep 27, David rated it liked it Shelves: One Day in the Woods by Jean Craighead George , illustrated by Gary Allen is an illustrated book about a girl who spends the day in the woods looking for an ovenbird. Allen's black and white illustrations are detailed and show the variety of wildlife observed. Many an impressive railroad trestle was engineered in the woods without even a blueprint. Logs ponds where logs are sorted.

One Day in the Woods by Jean Craighead George | Scholastic

Sawmills small and large. An old paper mill. The loading of finished lumber onto trains and ships in ways we no longer see. A good history lesson on the logging industry back then and how it relates to the help from the geared and rod locomotives…. I did enjoy the close-up action scenes…. I am absolutely thrilled with both of them and will be ordering more down the rails a bit. I really enjoyed it.

Image Restoration A lot of the old film was very difficult to appreciate due to deterioration and neglect. Equipment Restoration Important railroad action is enhanced in A Day In The Woods by incorporating footage of carefully restored and authentically staged steam locomotives in the woods on an old logging line.

A Day In The Woods

I am anxious to get back to it to watch it again and again. Skillful, professional, and obviously labored-over. I highly recommend it. Many Thanks and Best Regards. This was not only about locos but a real history lesson on logging in the United States. Sammael In the Woods Marco Antonio Fuenzalida Mancilla. Purchasable with gift card. Comes in transparent blue heavy records with laser engraved etching on side D.

A Day in the Woods

Comes in black heavy records with laser engraved etching on side D. Comes in 6-panel digipack. Image is a mock-up of the vinyl appearance. Since the records colours and effects will be random, we cannot show you how it will look like. The mock-up contains 3 records to show you 3 possibilities. Respect my solitude Strike up with the dawn