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50. Labyrinth (1986)

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Buzz into Being a Bee to discover more about this incredible insect. Buzzing from flower to flower, and making delicious honey to eat, bees have endless child appeal. But there's even more to bees than meets the eye Children will love learning about life in the hive, bee families, and how older bees work together to look after and raise baby bees. They can find out about beekeeping, how and why bees make honey, and how they dance to communicate with other bees. The book also gently introduces children to the idea of conservation - explaining why bees are in danger, the need to protect them, and all the ways we can help, from planting wild flowers to buying local honey.

Gentle engaging text, and bright, captivating artwork will ensure children finish the book as bee experts! Stunning and inventive photgraphic picture book combining rhyme, storytelling and factual info - perfect to shareIt's busy on the roads with big trucks zooming by - tankers, tip-up trucks, log trucks, rubbish trucks and even a mighty road train! Dive into the world of trucks with this fantastic picture book brimming with busy bright photos and snazzy artwork, accessible read out loud text and playful rhymes.

These books offer a unique combination of photgraphic realism and story telling, perfect for children and adults to share and explore together. The books also feature an info-vocab page so the eager reader can enjoy learning and naming the vehicle parts. YOU are the leader of the Kingdom of the North, a land of ice and snow.

When Professor Mechanik attempts to steal the Ice Diamonds you have to stop him. In each adventure the reader makes a choice that affects how the story progresses - it really is 'decide-your-own-destiny! Written by the award-winning duo Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore more commonly known as the 2Steves , and illustrated by comics legend, Jack Lawrence. Age appropriate for 6 to 8 year olds and more sensitive readers. Also suitable for reluctant readers and less confident older readers.

Printed using a font approved by the British Dyslexia Association. It's time for the Frost Festival in Friendship Forest, and all the little animals are waiting for snow, food and presents!

  1. Tale Waters and Trout Lies.
  2. Die Bar: Eine Erzählung (German Edition).
  3. The Artworks of Eugene J. Martin in the Private Art Collection of Isabel and David Taylor.

Baby bunny Mia Floppyear is the most excited of all, as she's going to perform in the Winter Show. Until wicked witch Grizelda casts a spell to ruin the fun for everyone! No Rainbow Magic fan should be without this sparkling compendium of fairy fun. From A to Z, this book is jam-packed with magical facts and figures from the world of the fairies and their friends!

It's everything you need to be a true Rainbow Magic expert! It's busy on the farm as tractor ploughs the fields and lifts up the hay bales, while combine harvester gathers corn and watch out for the cheeky water sprayer! Dive into the world of tractors and farm vehicles with this fantastic picture book brimming with busy bright photos, accessible read out loud text and playful rhymes.

These books offer a unique combination of photographic realism and story telling, perfect for children and adults to share and explore together. It's busy in the building site, with bulldozers, cranes, tip-up trucks and cement mixers all at work! Dive into the world of diggers and trucks with this fantastic picture book brimming with busy bright photos, accessible read out loud text and playful rhymes. Must they really join the boys-only and girls-only clubs?

A fun and spirited tribute to friendship and inclusion. Age , American Import Paperback 29pp. How to Find Gold Ref: A few page spreads of wordless underwater magic later, a great, tumbling, treasure trove of gold is discovered. The adventurers carefully mark the spot on a new, very good, map and then leave the gold well alone. Zany, fantastically strange and with a fresh, direct, dialogue which perfectly captures exactly how children would speak to their imaginary crocodiles.

But a word of caution from our youngest, 8-year-old reviewer, Vuso, who complained: How to Heal a Broken Wing Ref: Shortlists Nobody saw the pigeon fall to the ground. Except a kind and gentle little boy. Sparse text and fantastically eloquent illustrations. Hudson Hates School Ref: And he really, really hates spelling tests Endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association; dyslexia-friendly typeface. He had a thought and he heard it. From award-winning picture book makers Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz comes an enlightening new story about courage and making a difference.

For budding philosophers of all ages, this is the uplifting story of Henry Finch the loveable little bird who strives for greatness. I'm juts an ordinary person. But I'm also proof that there's no such thing as an ordinary person". This cartoon format is perfect for introducing the Rosa Parks story to a very young audience.

A lovely informal colloquial style from Rosa Park's point of view shows her early life, her budding as a young activist and then, finally, her political courage as she refuses to move from a 'white seat' in a public bus. Age , American Import Hardback 38pp. Ice in the Jungle Ref: The journey is long, the new country is far too hot, the new school is full of creatures who don't look like her and don't understand her- and they prefer bananas to fish! Could a 'North Pole Party' be just the welcome that Ice needs?

A very clever, deceptively simple, picture book which introduces themes of transition and migration while ever so gently subverting a few assumptions about new arrivals! Age Paperback 27pp. An adventure-fuelled girl and boy conjure up fantastic worlds, picturing themselves as dragons, astronauts and more A magical rhyming celebration of make-believe, soaring imaginations and- being yourself. If All the World Were A gentle exploration of bereavement through lilting, poetic text and joyful, sweeping brushstrokes of oranges, pinks, reds and yellows. A child takes her granddad's giant hand and journeys through the seasons with him exploring the first signs of spring, discovering the astrological properties of a racing track!

When her beloved grandpa dies, she collects scattered memories from his room and then starts to write them down in the notebook he left for her, made of spring-petal paper and Indian string. A very moving story- the sadness made somehow bearable by the exquisite relationship between child and grandparents and the narrative faith in memories which gradually heal like balm.

Age Hardback 28pp. Lyrical text and gorgeous photographs rejoice in the world's people, climates, colours and seasons. A true celebration of the beauty of our world. A simply stunning story about hope, giving and wonder seen through the eyes of a little Inuit girl. The early career of a pioneering sculptor and a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

A compelling portrait of a young woman's determination to carve out her own special place in art history. Insults Aren't Funny by Amanda F. Doering illustrated by Simone Shin. Francis calls Charlie mean names on the football pitch- which make him feel sick and very sad until, finally, it makes him want to give up football altogether. But a chat with his friend and then his football coach means the bullying is tackled early on. A useful, positive book about verbal bullying. The story is accompanied by little factual notes running along the bottom of the pages; there is also a teacher note and a glossary.

Is It A Mermaid? Two children on the beach spot a Dugong -or, rather, a Sea Cow- popping its large grey snout out of the sea. But this Dugong insists she is a she, not an it. And, she declares, with both flippers on her hips, she is a gorgeous mermaid, not a Dugong. Bel is happy to go along with the Dugong's self-identity as she trills and bounces in a mermaid-ish way. But Benji is very unsure about it all, protesting, "You are a Dugong!!!

Fresh, charming, playful and utterly delightful. Luminescent blues and greens show the sweeps of the ocean interrupted by bright flashes of iridescent sea life down below. As day turns to night, the pages become soaked in rusty orange and then inky purples. The text skips along lightly, perfectly capturing children's clear and animated dialogue. And the humour is completely infectious. Who knew that a YA author could jump so effortlessly into such a young age range- more, please, Candy!

Nice little backnote on the endangered Dugong. Yes, Dugongs are real]. Age , Hardback 24pp. What a powerful book! So much you can take from this- in such a simple format. A stark picture book which tackles huge themes- refugees, xenophobia, racism and human rights. Age 7 to adult, Hardback 30pp. It Must Have Been You! With each new act of mischief, a family member- sister, mum, grandpa- comes in to point the finger, whilst she puts on her most innocent, puppy-eyed face.

How very true to life! Attractive contemporary illustrations with mixed up fonts and a typeface which falls, tumbles, whirls and spins across the pages, extending the story's playfulness. Finished off with some fantastic end pages full of child art by two 6-year-olds! Depicts a busy, joyful and loving Muslim family. Bad weather means indoor play with home made props, dollops of spontaneity and plenty of imagination. Rhyming text and a wonderful 'casual' portrayal of a girl with asthma. Chang-ming is selected for the football team. But Mum and Dad say they're all off to visit Grandma in China!

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Age , Irish Import Hardback 29pp. Might talking to Mum shrink the Worry back down? A simple but effective tale about articulating your fears. Jake at Gymnastics Ref: A very spirited group of cherubic-looking children demonstrate toddler-friendly exercises with 2 instructors on hand to ensure all safety requirements are met! Isadora is a much loved Caldecott Honor winner in the US; we only wish she was better known here. Her always diverse illustrations are simply stunning. Age , American Import Hardback 29pp. And while they have their own personal fairy godmother to see to their every whim, Jamie is all alone When the local princess invites everyone to the Royal Ball, the brothers are quite clear that Jamie has no business going.

But Jamie knows how to convert a pumpkin When she completes her disguise with a short, trendy haircut, Jamie looks in a mirror and suddenly feels Jamie has become Jamie and he's finally at one with himself. Off to the ball! A very, very clever, smart and thoughtful book with a positive transgender protagonist which is pitched perfectly to young readers.

I like the way the gradual revealing of Jamie's identity is embedded in the main narrative, the subtle shift form 'she' to 'he'. All Letterbox Library reviewers. The Jar of Happiness Ref: But then one day her jar is no longer there Gentle illustrations and a story of kindness and a girl as a budding scientific inventor of happiness!

Jellybean longs to learn about the world and make friends. But is she ready to leave Mum behind and start school? Soon Jellybean's imagination is bringing her new classroom to life in a wild and wonderful ways An inspiring story for all children about to start school or nursery. A rich, yet entirely wordless, narrative; a song to imaginative play, outdoor adventures, intrepid girls, friendships and extraordinary journeys.

The possibilities for use in literacy are endless. Age , Paperback 34pp. A war which stretches like a grasping hand across the land. A parent and her two children separated from their father. A journey to a strange place with strange cities and creatures and landscapes. A long and painful journey. Angry guards to evade.

A journey that doesn't ever end- even with this book. Evocative, devastatingly simple, text- "The further we go Based on the author's interviews with refugees and migrants from many different countries, woven here into one multifaceted, unique, hopeful quest for freedom and safety. Age , Hardback 41pp. The Journey Home Ref: A mournful looking polar bear looks out onto his seascape and wonders where all of his ice has gone. He decides to embark on an ice hunt, setting off in a tiny boat. En route, he picks up other animals whose natural habitats are under threat: A wonderfully illustrated story about the destruction to our environment, forced migrations and hope for a much kinder future.

Julian Is a Mermaid Ref: One day, on the train with Nana, he is enthralled when they are joined by a trio of women dressed as exotic sea creatures, complete with swishy tails and flicky hair. Back at Nana's, Julian starts to use the things around him to transform himself, bit by bit, into the most glorious and glamorous of mermaids. But it is Nana who provides the final finishing touch. A break out hit of a picture book, famously endorsed by RuPaul on Twitter.

A celebration of individuality, creativity, freedom of expression and intergenerational love and empathy. Wonderful artwork which soaks the pages in colour and warmth. Fab illustrations and a simple message effectively put over. Nice to see an older woman so open to difference and enabling of the boy. Age Hardback 32pp. A fun, rhyming romp through the imagination. But her daughter is far too busy kissing kangaroos, cuddling hippos, flying with geese and nuzzling whale tails. A fantastically lulling bedtime story full of all sorts of bed-delaying tactics while cleverly soothing any child to sleep with wonderfully warm illustrations and rhymes which hug like the softest blankie.

Asian family Age , Paperback 24pp. King and King Ref: The queen is desperate for her son to marry. But what's a prince to do when princesses just don't turn his head? He could just marry a prince! Dazzlingly illustrated and overflowing with child appeal.


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Age , Hardback 28pp Themes: Lesbian and Gay, Families. All of it told me, 'This is not where you belong'". A young boy feels isolated and excluded in a small Welsh town. But there is one thing which brings him the warmth of his old home- Mr Evans' homing pigeons, who strut as proudly as the ones in St Peters Square, Rome. And so, a lovely intergenerational relationship springs up between a young boy and elderly man, leading, finally, to a new understanding of 'home'. A touching story of belonging and new beginnings.

Endorsed by Amnesty International UK. Age , Hardback 52pp. A bright, multicultural version of a classic, now with video animation! Knockin' on Wood Ref: The exhilarating story of Clayton 'Peg Leg' Bates and his rise to fame as a tap dancer.

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American Import Hardback 29pp. Winner Newbery Medal Every Sunday, come rain or shine, CJ and his Nana take the bus ride across town to the last stop on Market Street and, from there, to the soup kitchen. This Sunday, CJ simply isn't in the mood. But Nana turns the bus journey into nothing short of miraculous, answering all of CJ's questions with insight and wisdom which reveal the magic of the everyday and the wonders of humanity: Published to huge acclaim, this book has garnered too many awards to list here!

Great disability images, too! A young boy struggles to stand up to a bully until his friends show him that 8 loud voices are stronger than one! Brilliantly told through sensational illustrations and rhyming text. Little People, Big Dreams: And from such early possibilities A series which does a very accomplished job of distilling the biographies of women of huge stature into a handful of sentences and cheerful, bold graphics.

Perfect for leaving the youngest of readers in a state of awe. Age , Hardback 26pp. Another stunning little bio. Discover how she played her voice like an instrument, inventing new words -"Dubi-dubi-dubu-daba"- and singing across genres from pop to blues. As with other titles in the series, the book ends with a fuller biographical note with archive photos.

I want the whole set! It is always powerful to see mighty women represented in books. To have a whole set of diverse women is great. A highly illustrated biography of one of our greatest writers. From a cruel childhood of displacement, family violence and wider societal racism, we witness Maya Angelou's recovery- literally finding her voice again through reading the works of literary giants- and then her incredible triumph as an award-winning giant of literature herself.

A gorgeous biography which felt very satisfying even to this adult reader. I loved reading this and would read it again' Nicole, aged 11, LL reviewer.

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We enjoyed reading this and it brought up lots of discussions about segregation and women's rights' Polly and her son, aged 6, LL reviewers. Includes a perfect refrain for children to join in with: But not this little girl. So Little Red packs up her basket and goes to the rescue. En route she greets snorkelling hippos, meerkats, warthogs and, finally, one very very hungry rascal of a lion. Will the lion get his fill of people or will Little Red instead teach him a thing or two about good manners? A hilarious, sparky and energetic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood within a bright, sunlight-infused safari setting.

Living with Mum and Living with Dad Ref: Told from the child's point of view as she shows us her different bedrooms in each of her homes, events in which her parents still come together e. Age , Paperback 22pp. Lollipop is very proud of her gleaming, shiny teeth. And then, one day she wakes up to a wobbly, bibbly-bobbly tooth. Grandpa has all sorts of plans for its removal- a pulling tug-of-war team, a tapping woodpecker, a sucking elephant trunk Lollipop and Grandpa become intrepid explorers in the back garden and stalk all manner of beasts: Imaginative play at its best; how to turn the everyday familiarity of your garden into a fearsome and exotic jungle.

Anika is restless in her new home. She misses her Granny, her friend Hadiya is being left out of her classmates' football team and then, it seems like it's her turn to be left out In an effort to turn things around, Anika decides to turn to Lord Ganesh for guidance, emailing the god on her ipad. But, as it turns out, Anika may have reserves of untapped wisdom herself Very cool book this!

A gentle look at friendships and exclusion, standing up for your own values as well as a rather nice introduction to the Hindu elephant god! As an aside, a great representation of a girl footballer Warm, sweeping illustrations which have the appearance of flittered sunlight!

The Lost Property Office Ref: There is sooo much to see- and, in the middle of all those distractions, Teddy gets lost on the train! That night, at Grandpa's, she dreams of the most magical place- an entire room of lost things. Which sparks an idea A warm story about a calamity familiar to so many children- the loss of a favourite toy. The illustrations are fantastic as you would expect from a Tate publication ; every surface is strewn with the multiple things people discard, lose and leave behind.

Children will enjoy decoding these additional visual layers of narrative.

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The Lost Stars Ref: Williams illustrated by Grayce Bochak. A moving, but ultimately uplifting, tale of inter-generational love and the sadness of losing a beloved grandparent. Age , American Import Paperback 28pp. Here, inspired by Mary Mary, Lulu decides she wants her own flower garden. As ever, everything she needs to know can be found in a book- from planting the flower seeds to nurturing them, to making the necessary accompanying cupcakes for the flower garden party she holds! I like the links to the website for extension resources.

Delightful illustrations and a proper story! Follow Lulu on her special weekly library trip. A gorgeous new edition, now with a unique story CD read by the author's library group- in 19 different languages! The irrepressible Lulu returns in another book-loving story, superbly illustrated by the superb Beardshaw.

There is plenty here- Dad as primary carer and a girl who can switch between fairy and DIY expert effortlessly! All the mayhem, comfort, fun- and NOISE created by a new sibling, as experienced by our favourite pint-sized, book-loving character, Lulu. Luna's Red Hat Ref: It is the start of Spring. But, Luna insists, today is not a day for smiling. Because today is the anniversary of her mum's death or, rather, her mum's suicide. Luna rages at her dad, "People you love don't get to stop living and leave you behind!

Luna's Dad allows her to express both her grief and her fury; he answers every question she has; he explains her Mum's illness; he banishes Luna's irrational guilt at her mum's death. Complete with a guide for carers by a bereavement specialist. Then the day draws near for the school pageant, and there is one big problem - no costume for the prince. Shortlisted Little Rebels Award If Malala had a magic pencil like the boy in the TV show she used to watch, she'd use it to "draw a better world, a peaceful world How she loved school and worked hard until the Taliban took control and banned girls from attending.

How she dared to speak out against the regime and became a target. How she has continued to speak out, inspiring adults and children all over the world. A wonderful, age-appropriate picture book. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully empowering. A warm, moving story about a mother and child who are separated by a prison sentence- but who are kept in each other's hearts through their stories and their love.

Age American Import Hardback 29pp. The Mother of Trees. Subtitled, 'Wangari Maathai and the Tress of Kenya', this is not the first story we have sold about this revolutionary environmentalist- but it is certainly one of the most beautiful. Brought up with the wisdom of trees, as an adult, Wangari Maathai went on to dispense her knowledge by encouraging the planting of different trees which would in turn bring a wealth of materials and nourishment for local Kenyan communities, creating a new self-sufficiency and, ultimately, the reforestation of great swathes of Kenya's landscapes, tree by tree by tree.

A lyrical retelling of the greatness of Wangari Maathai: Illustrated by a much celebrated artist- a backnote has Kadir Nelson describing his use of oil paints and printed fabrics to emulate an Eastern African aesthetic. Skilful writing and attractive illustrations present an important story. Simply told, but with enough detail to enable it to provide a good foundation on the topic. Very good afterword, glossary etc. It's a great day for sport-loving Max as his school wins the fun tournament.

Expressive, multicultural illustrations enhance this effortlessly inclusive book. Mayowa doesn't want to visit his Granny in Ilisan. He wants to stay at home, in Lagos, immersed in his computer games. But, when he arrives in Ilisan, Granny introduces him to his guide, the exuberant Denuyi, and promises him that the local masquerades will provide plenty of entertainment for him. And so, Mayowa is introduced to emerald grasshoppers, piglets with curly-pencil-shaving tails, yeye trees, and, finally, masquerades full of outlandish costumes, talking drums and A super-energetic story with bright-as-sunshine illustrations.

The perfect antidote for a screen-fixated child! The Memory Tree Ref: He walks off to a clearing in the forest, lies down, falls asleep and never wakes up. One by one, Fox's woodland friends come to sit near him. And, one by one, they begin to share memories of their own special times with Fox. As they do so, a tiny seed buds into a sapling and then grows into a tree which climbs higher and higher, preserving their memories and lightening their hearts.

Beautifully textured illustrations with all the tones of autumn by an internationally renowned artist. I really like it. Michael Rosen writes movingly of the death of his son, exploring feelings of anger and sadness as well as enjoying the happy memories. This is an original and deeply touching account of bereavement, accompanied by Quentin Blake's superb and quirky pictures. A book to treasure always. Age 8-Adult Paperback 29pp. This ingeniously designed, wordless book reveals two children's stories simultaneously and their parallel, yet connected, lives in Morocco and Australia.

Stunning portrayal of our global family. An engaging story for a wide range of ages and reading abilities. A soothing, lyrical poem written by an adoptive mother and accompanied by fantastic illustrations. A hugely positive account of transnational adoption. In 13th Century Cordoba, three young boys with three different faiths join forces to save the city's mosque.

A profound tale of religious harmony, mutual respect and civic solidarity. Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory Ref: When ever-greedy Mr Bunny decides production must go up and up and up, the machines are stretched to breaking point, the choc-egg-laying chickens are overfed to the point of sickness, bad eggs begin to turn up in the production line and customers start to complain The tired and poorly chickens finally go on strike, leaving Mr Bunny with a dilemma. Will the Big Chick Protest win the day?

Unchecked capitalism, workers conditions, ethical and cooperative working practises all made immediately accessible through a highly comic narrative which never minimises the issues at play. Reminiscent of the protesting moo-cows of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type When rain pours in sheets from a sky "dark as a bruise", Mr Noah decides this is the perfect opportunity to "tidy up the world a bit".

He busies himself with sorting out which creatures should be rounded up and saved and which should be left behind But Mr Noah hasn't accounted for Mrs Noah who begins to stitch and tack together a hooded coat with the deepest of pockets. Nor has he accounted for her wanderings through Mythico Wood. In praise of every marvellous and troublesome creature on earth, this is a velvety-rich retelling of an ancient story.

Love the words and the images and the fact the family have different skin tones- like ours. I need to find some glue". Fantastically soothing rhymes and dynamic artwork compliment a heartfelt story of parental separation. Molly and Sunita are playgroup friends who spend time together every day, playing, talking, and learning about getting on with each other.

Their relationship is generally good but even the best of friends sometimes fall out or feel grumpy! Molly is learning that Sunita has moods and feelings, but these will not get in the way of true friendship. The Dealing with Feelings series teaches positive behaviour and promotes personal, social, emotional skills. Developed and written by experts and supported by research, each book includes additional notes and tips to help teachers, practitioners and parents reinforce the lessons children are learning through the simple stories.

They have similarities and differences. They are best friends. Superb explorations of friendships across cultures. A superb exploration of friendship across cultures. Whether designing pipework on a computer, repairing leaking pipes or unblocking toilets, Mum the Plumber is on hand with her silver spanner, pipe cutters and big red plunger. A rhyming introduction to the joys of a career in plumbing. A much needed look at emotional bullying between girls and a 'very true depiction of the affect it has on a girl when a "friend" changes' School Librarian, Letterbox reviewer.

A huge success in the US, this is a must for the UK classroom. Age American Import Paperback 29pp. My Sister is an Alien Ref: But if he takes her back to the moon, will he miss her a little too much? A rocket-fuelled, positive celebration of new earthlings! The New Computer Valerie Thomas. Stories, Music, and Magic! The Pirate Adventure Valerie Thomas.

Winnie and Wilbur in Winter Valerie Thomas. The Haunted House Valerie Thomas. The Amazing Pumpkin Valerie Thomas. The Dinosaur Day Valerie Thomas. Winnie and Wilbur at the Seaside Valerie Thomas. The Magic Wand Valerie Thomas. The Midnight Dragon Valerie Thomas. Happy Birthday, Winnie Valerie Thomas.

Winnie and Wilbur in Space Valerie Thomas. The Flying Carpet Valerie Thomas. Medieval Fortress Mojang AB. Bestselling Children's Education Books. Lego Chain Reactions Pat Murphy. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Matthew Reinhart. Wipe-Clean First Letters Ladybird. Brave New World Aldous Huxley. Harry Potter Colouring Book J. Amelia Earhart Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Classic books for Children.

Favourite classics More classics Even more classics. Anne of Green Gables L. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz L. Little Women Louisa May Alcott. The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame. Peter Pan Sir J. Black Beauty Anna Sewell. Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson. Five on a Treasure Island Enid Blyton.

Swallows and Amazons Arthur Ransome. His Dark Materials Philip Pullman. Lord of the Flies William Golding. Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift. The Railway Children E. The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein. The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain. What Katy Did Susan Coolidge. Ballet Shoes Noel Streatfeild. Five Children and It E. The Swiss Family Robinson J. The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling.

The Worst Witch Jill Murphy. The Story of Babar Jean de Brunhoff. White Fang Jack London. Oliver Twist Charles Dickens. I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee. Struwwelpeter in English Translation Heinrich Hoffmann. Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian. The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Crockett Johnson. The Red Balloon Albert Lamorisse. Bestselling Teen and YA Books.