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  1. 4 On The Floor | Radio Insect Records
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Your time has to be strong but elastic when necessary. Playing 4 on the floor on fast tunes like Cherokee is not easy!

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You probably will start dragging after about the 5th chorus unless you have lots of practice! And on slow tunes, the guitar fits in somewhere in the beat.

The bass may be dragging and now you are the human bridge between the bassist and the drummer. Instead down stroke on the 2 and 4. Upstroke on the 1 and 3.

And not all quarter notes are played equally! Each can have a different accent in a 1, 2, 4 bar or 8 bar phrase. The 2 and 4 are stronger, even if slightly. Sometimes the last 4 of a 2 bar phrase can be given extra emphasis.

4 On The Floor | Radio Insect Records

And creating dynamics for longer phrases breathes life into the music. Here, we'll show you what it is that makes the grooves of six four-to-the-floor sub-styles work in the particular ways they do.

For more on programming electronic drum parts, get the June edition of Future Music. A solid house beat is fairly basic: Stick mainly to an electronic palette - drum machine TR and TR sounds are the norm.


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