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Companies often lose value after they disclose these types of lending agreements. That in turn can cause more bondholders to convert their loans into shares of stock, which they subsequently sell, dropping the value of the company again. A death spiral can dilute existing shareholders considerably if the loans are repaid in shares of stock.


Death spiral

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The Advantage of Tax-Advantaged Funds. Bargains -- How to Spot the Difference. Her skate must remain on he ice for the duration of the death spiral; if she loses the edge and uses her boot or knee instead of her skate, the death spiral is considered ended and may be judged as a fall.

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The man must be in a centered position and use a fully extended arm. Any kind of position, if the pair team's hold lasts for at least one revolution, can be counted.

Death spiral (insurance) - Wikipedia

Arm holds are also allowed. If the man's holding arm is not fully extended for one revolution, or if he does not reach the pivot position or cannot remain there for an entire revolution, the team receives no points for the death spiral.

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The death spiral is considered ended at the moment the man changes the position of the pivot. Difficult entry positions must be performed while both partners are executing the entry curve and either the man or the woman are moving from a difficult entry position to the death spiral, with no delay. Difficult exit positions can include commencing a lift immediately after the death spiral or performing a jump. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Figure skating element Element name: Death spiral Scoring abbreviation: Pair skating The death spiral is "a circular move in which the male lowers his partner to the ice while she is arched backwards gliding on one foot". Retrieved 14 December Figure Skating and Cultural Meaning. Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 15 December Single skating Pair skating Ice dance Synchronized skating Four skating.