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Val Ryker has many of those. A small-town police chief in Wisconsin, she obtained her position in advance of seniority rights by a successful prosecution of a serial killer.

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Fame allowed her to claim the position over an assumed successor after the retirement of Chief Schneider. Val had considered Schneider a valuable mentor and, in a town where everyone knew everyone, his support meant much to the town citizens. She was dead a second time and the death was recent.

Hess had his own idea of social justice, one that was extreme. For Hess, it was not an eye-for-an-eye; he believed in total, gruesome annihilation of everyone who had ever wronged him. Val, and everyone around her as well as everyone connected to the case, were in danger. Although Val did not feel burdened by the task, Melissa was a teenager with all problems that seem to be part of a teenager growing up. This is a fast-paced thriller which will motivate readers to continue to the end without stopping.

Readers may want to schedule this for a weekend read so as not to show up for work bleary-eyed.

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As Dixon Hess pursues his course of exacting revenge against several people, the descriptions of torture may bother some but trigger warnings are not necessary. Fans of the genre will not be offended. Sexual situations are extremely restrained as far as description. Ann Voss Peterson is a successful novelist with over thirty novels to her credit. This novel, published in , is an additional affirmation of her talent. I look forward to reading more of her works in the Small Town Secrets. My rating is four plus Amazon stars.

High-quality craft and a unique MC combined with a compelling storyline make this a winner. Nothing fancy about this book--it's a solid romantic suspense thriller about a small-town female cop who put away the wrong man in more ways than one. Now he wants revenge and he's taking it out on her friends and loved ones, working his way up to her.

No wasted words, crisp and taut, with a sustained tension that builds steadily. Also includes just the right amount of romance, especially when we find ou High-quality craft and a unique MC combined with a compelling storyline make this a winner. Also includes just the right amount of romance, especially when we find out her love interest is also a suspect in the latest murder.

Remindful of the Kate Burkholder mysteries by Linda Castillo. Sep 29, Brenda Spangler rated it really liked it. Keeps you turning the pages! Character development needs a little work, possibly some clearer background on the villain. But what was very gods was the revelation of the initial current crime, then the subsequent didn't need as much words left to reader to fill in the horror. Oct 06, Marcy rated it it was amazing. Had some twists I wasn't expecting. Mar 05, Renee rated it liked it.

Was a decent quick read. Could have done without the Harlequin Romance detour, but not bad. Aug 23, Renee Lambert rated it it was amazing. Such a fantastic storyteller! Sep 29, Deyth Banger rated it it was ok Shelves: Final Blow in the head - Note" October 6, — page Val did that Val is that Is Val the killer? Too much Val by itself is a endless loop of stupidity. The word "in" times. T "October 6, — page The word "at" times. Jan 07, Victoria added it. Apr 30, Josh Smith rated it liked it. I'm not too huge on police mysteries but I also found this one readable. A firefighter pulls a dead body from a lake to discover that it's the body of his wife who died 2 years ago.

The killer is going to be released since the body they had him pinned on isn't who they thought it was. Val Ryker is in a rush to make things right, figure out what went wrong, and keep the killer behind bars. At times it was convoluted. It was a tad bit difficult keeping track of who was who since a nu I don't know. It was a tad bit difficult keeping track of who was who since a number of the characters had roles just small enough to be forgettable. Her partner Becca and Monica are 2 names that come to mind. Having just finished this book I can't even remember the name of Monica's boytoy.

The coroner was also a slight miss. He cou8ld have been much more colorful but instead didn't have much more descriptions aside from a horny middle-aged man. For someone who had such a prominent role in the murder mystery I found that a bit off-putting. You could also throw in the police chief and the whole police hierarchy which was more of a corollary thing rather than the main focus although it seemed as if it was supposed to be the main focus.

There was also the fact that I often felt like I was reading the second book in the series rather than the first.

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There was so much alluding back to the previous 2 years that I felt it would be good to have a book that spelled all of that out. I couldn't help but feel like I was missing a large chunk of the characters and the development of their relationships.

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I'd say those are the only real grievances I had with the book. Jack Daniels makes an appearance, albeit a short one and Val is somewhat likeable. I can see how she gets along with Jack since they're both so emotionally barren. The plot itself was interesting enough to have me read this in only a couple sitting. If you combine that with the fact that I plan on finishing the series then I can't say it was dreadful. Jul 01, Becca Mills rated it it was amazing Shelves: As the book opens, Ryker is faced with a cop's nightmare: Ryker has to figure out what really happened in that two-year-old case and, even more importantly, what's going on right under her nose.

Oh, and the guy she helped put behind bars? Maybe he's innocent, maybe he's not. But one thing's for sure: Ann Voss Peterson's new thriller is terrific: Setting is a big strength, here -- the small-town Wisconsin location is fully realized and convincing. Character development is also a strength. Ryker is likable and very human. She feels like a real person, as do the book's other central characters. I loved that about the book. The thriller is, in general, a pretty plot-driven genre, and Peterson gives us plenty of plot. But character gets equal weight in this novel.

The results are wonderful. I read it in a single sitting. Pushed Too Far has a striking, professional cover and is perfectly formatted. The prose is restrained and error-free. Indie publishing at its best: And total authorial control over the book's form seems to have allowed for innovation, too, with the table of contents, acknowledgments, and other "front matter" appearing at the end, a choice that maximizes Kindle sample length.

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May 10, Howard McEwen added it. This book was competently written. The author spins a yarn without the usual authorly flaws of getting distracted or indulgent. You want to be taken for a ride? This author takes you on one. A serial killer with a couple quirks killing people in unusual and highly improbable This book was competently written. A serial killer with a couple quirks killing people in unusual and highly improbable ways and the cops who chase them and finally confronts them in a conflagratory showdown.

This book offers that, like I said, competently. However, the author has some tells. I could see the plot points and twists coming far in advance. It was almost as if the author put up a Willie E. I guess what really bothers me is: Who reads this stuff? And who wants to write this stuff? It was a psycho-killer story with notes of grace and insight into humanity. After that, do we really need more serial killers? I guess by that standard do we really need any more romantic comedies after His Girl Friday? Jan 04, Lori rated it liked it Shelves: Sometime before the events of this book, Ryker was instrumental in capturing a serial killer, and convicting him for the murder of a young woman who had disappeared.

As this story opens, the body of that young woman — very recently dead — is discovered in the lake. I picked this up as a Kindle freebie some time ago. There are two more in the series now. I liked the story. It's a solid police procedural with a couple red herrings, a killer bent on revenge, a 'suffering servant' backstory, and an innocent bystander who gets swept up in the action.

The only piece that rang false for me was Val's nascent romance, which seemed a bit 'too much, too soon,' for the beginning of a mystery series.

How to Say 'No' When You're Being Pushed Too Far

Edit Cast Credited cast: Sheriff Jim Forrest Laura Costin Judy Ford Herbert Johnson Tom Ford Thomas Brown Kevin Ford Lori David Spike Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Ambulance Technician Bill Reeves D. Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. When you receive a response that makes you feel uncomfortable, use it as an opportunity to gather information about the foundation and value of that particular relationship. Start by allowing yourself time to think before you answer.

If the person who made the request persists in asking you to reconsider, suggest alternative, comparable means of assistance — once. After which, simply repeat your refusal in a firm, pleasant manner as many times as necessary.

How to Say ‘No’ When You’re Being Pushed Too Far

Before that conversation takes place, take time to organize and clarify your responses, and well as to identify the outcome you would like to achieve. Time, energy and financial resources are all precious. Once used, they cannot be retrieved. Every time you say no, you collect opportunities to say yes to yourself and to your own preferences, values, hopes, needs, and goals. Paradoxically, you also increase your opportunities to contribute to others, and possibly to your relationships, when you say no. You allow others the ability to deal with their own issues, become more resourceful in seeking alternatives, and gain respect for your strengths and interests.

Choose one opportunity or situation within the next week where saying no will benefit yourself and possibly someone else.