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Confessions of a Catholic Cop

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention michael beckett celebrity bodyguard thomas fitzsimmons confessions of a celebrity serial killer police officer fast paced well written angel of death new york twists and turns highly recommend well developed main character york city even though tata andolini look forward city cop tommy lisi. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed the third book in this series, I would have liked to of read the other two books even though you can read the books out of sequence.

In the third book of this series someone is murdering A-list celebrities, Michael Beckett, an Ex-New York City cop is a professional bodyguard who is hired to watch over Victoria Carrington an A-list star, but with a drug bad habit that Michael has to keep out of harms way of the killer who is overdosing stars and making it look like an accident is after Victoria. But it seems no matter how much he tries to protect Victoria who he gets into rehab she just doesn't listen to Michael and sneaks off with another star Tata a D-list star from rehab to go do drugs together and party.

But in the meantime, Micheal is having problems of his own; a failed romance with his partner Destiny who also is a professional bodyguard with the company he works, an ex-girlfriend who has it in for him, as the both of them are threatening him to ruin him personally and professionally. You wonder how Michael is going to get out of all his trouble with the FEDs and not end up in prison, plus keeping his personal life intact, you will just have to read this book and find out as you following Michael through a world of sleazy criminals and drug-dealers and A-list stars who don't seem to have a clue how to stay out of trouble with rabid fans trying to get a piece of them for their own personal trophy.

One person found this helpful. The third installment in his series follows Michael Beckett, a retired NYPD cop turned bodyguard, as he struggles to find and keep his footing in the celebrity bodyguard business. Beckett has a checkered past that is finally catching up to him. He and his fellow ex-cop friends are under investigation for their actions as vigilantes, two of his ex-girlfriends are out to wreck his life, and a serial killer is targeting one of his clients. The story is a high-octane thrill-ride through the tawdry lives of celebrities and the criminal underbelly of New York.

Partially based on Fitzsimmons own experiences, the novel will certainly undercut the glamor and poise of the celebrity world for readers. The novel also manages to avoid running off the rails, leaving readers with a tight, highly entertaining thriller. However, in the last few chapters, the novel runs out of steam, robbing readers of a truly electrifying climax to match the rest of the story.

Confessions of a Catholic Cop by Thomas Fitzsimmons

The resolution feels ambiguous and rushed. The epilogue will leave readers grasping at loose threads, wondering how things wound down so quickly. My own biggest issue with the novel was its hyper-masculine tone. Almost all of the women in the novel are either mentally ill, airheaded, or evil.

About the Writer

Still, the novel kept me entertained right until the end. I was pleasantly surprised when it was so much better than even that other one! Thomas has the ability of really capturing the intrigue that you experience with each character. I found my fascinated with the concept of being a bodyguard as a whole. It makes you wonder did this really happen?

It adds to the suspense a little more when you start questioning things. There were moments of confusion for me. Sometimes I had to stop and go back to verify what a character's story was or even just snippets. Like Becketts choice of activities at any given moment. Throughout the whole story though I found myself rooting for Beckett. His connections through his previous career and life help him keep on a path to stop the bad guy and keep others safe.

Thomas did a fabulous job creating Becketts character into something believable and yet jaded at times. You just want to cheer him on but also fear him. Along with Beckett is a string of supporting characters that round out a story that is equally, intriguing, fascinating, witty, sexy, frustrating, and heart pounding. In my opinion, this should be on your to read list today! Any good author can write a book with in a series that can be read as a standalone. I think Thomas was really successful in that. This is the first book I have read from Fitzsimmons and I expect to read more of his work after this one.

The book brings out the highlights and, in some cases, the low-lights of the city-life. I strongly recommend this book for someone that likes intrigue, suspense, and action.

Confessions Of A Catholic Cop by Thomas Fitzsimmons

See all 57 reviews. Not surprisingly, his protagonist, Michael Beckett, has a similar background, which also includes acting on tv, the fictional aspect having Beckett portray — what else? The action is disturbingly realistic, portraying the dope dealers, pimps, corruption, bad cops, and poverty rampant in such sections of almost any large city in the country, and the dedication of most members of the police force who try to make them safe and livable. When a hugely wealthy real estate mogul has plans for a large section of real estate, forcible evictions are only part of his modus operandi, and the fact that the mayor, the police commissioner and some of the cops are in his pocket makes matters that much easier for him.

As noted, this was the first of many books, fiction and otherwise, by this author, and that fact is reflected in the somewhat unpolished writing. But ultimately the gripping realism of the tale won out. The book was a fast, suspenseful read, and is recommended. The author has re-released the novel now under its original title. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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