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Please try again later. Won't be the last. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I was turned onto the author by another writer who knew my affection for Chinese cinema. If you're a fan of "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" and the like, you'll love this novel. Need more of the author's work in translation! One person found this helpful. But I just hate how the translator also Actually the translation is not bad. But I just hate how the translator also translate the name of the. Disappointed that there was no Book two for follow up. Could be the translator's style and choice of wording.

I decided to read this book because of how influential Jin Yong was on Chinese culture. Also because I thought the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was totally awesome, and I wanted to read a book that was like that. The translation was interesting. I'm pretty sure the translator has a better vocabulary than I do; I learned a LOT of new words, and that is not a bad thing. The translation was very clear, provided a dictionary is nearby. The book was sometimes dry, and not quite the flavor of kung fu awesomeness that I was looking for. Not exactly what I expected. Would recommend, but it didn't blow my socks off.

I really like this book. The story is exciting and addicting. I like the characters and the descriptions. Each character is likable, therefore it is hard to tell who the good or bad guys are. This writer is one of my favorite. I want to read more of his books. It is a good read and a very different kind of story. The story has the unique characteristic to many other Wuxia novels that there are stories within stories.

This improves the sense of wonder and mystery and the characters are very colorful. To a Western audience largely unfamiliar with wuxia novels, Jin Yong's work is probably best described as being similar to Ang Lee's film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Bear in mind, however, that reading Jin Yong without understanding Confucianism, Buddhism or Taoism is like reading C. Lewis without understanding Christianity, so it might be worthwhile to Wikipedia the basic tenets of those beliefs before starting the novel.

Now until 22 November Plotting the Future of the Belt and Road Initiative: Connections, Opportunities and Challenges 1 Lecture: Now until 15 November Wealth, Talent and the World as Heaven. A Field in Bloom: Now until 7 November Reality, Throne and Worship. From Conflict to Communion. Continuing Reformation of the Church. Communication Seminar Series - Comparative research in strategic communication over a decade: I Make Weal and Create Woe. Chu Jades Excavated from Hubei Symposium. Conflicts at a Wedding Banquet. Digitalisation, entrepreneurship and the economy of the future.

The Poverty of Richness. Expert Talk on Crisis Management. Starting off from CUHK. The Unbearable Burden of Faith. Grudges washed away in tear. Leave not Your First Love. Designing the Contemporary Gold Accessories. Lecture Series of History of Gold: Masterpieces from Shaanxi Lecture by Prof. Faculty of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series: We Are What We Eat. Masterpieces from Shaanxi" Afternoon Lecture. Nothing is Taken for Granted. No Grief Greater than Utter Despair. God's Subversion to the World. Singing in The Dark. Make My Life Be a Blessing!

The First Earth Summit. Doubts about Doubting Chinese Antiquity as well as its Critics. Peace be with you! Lecture Series for Amazing Clay: Undergraduate Admission Talks Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science. Disciples' Last Question for Jesus. Faculty of Arts Faculty of Business Administration. Time is Running Out! All Flesh Is Like Grass. The Calling of The Lord. Chung Chi College Assembly: Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon in April, Uncovering the Spirit in public life: The Impact of Resurrection: Life Exists Amid Death.

The Importance of Abiding in Christ.

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The Dual Focus of Political Philosophy. A Vague, Yet Clear Memory. What Remains of Us. To Serve and To Lead. Culture and Power in Ministry and Mission. Film as Soft Power and Hard Currency: Judgment in the Haze. A Random Walk in Science and History. Communication Networks, Asymmetries,and Public Policy. Embracing Negativity And Positivity in Life.

Rejoice in Grace Justified by Faith. A New Angel for Dreams. Career Seminar on Illustration Industry. The One Who Seeks Finds. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon in March, Consumerism and Gift Economy. Creating a Culture to Engage and Retain Millennials. The Battle Between Good and Evil: Leadership with a Heart.

United College Alumni Talk 23rd Talk. From Bombs to Beauty. Desire Satisfaction and Intellect Demonstration Revisited. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon in February: Religion, Peace and Violence: Communicator in the Context of Globalisation New Programme: James Pei-Chun Tien and Ms. Searching for Values of Music.

Urban Planning and Climate Adaptation. From Her to AI.

Live a Brilliant Life! Long and Seemingly Gloom, the Way ahead. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon in January, Church Management Make Sense. Science Education in the 21st Century.

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What Have You Seen? Lecture Series for 'Her Distinguished Brushwork: Parallel texts, Intersecting Conversation: Soft Power, Film Festivals, and Cinema. Where Does It Come From? To Celebrate or not to Celebrate. Globalization and the Subject of Culture. Turn Swords and Spears into Shovels and Hoes. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon in November, Some reflections from an anthropologist. United College Alumni Talk 22nd Talk. The Bread of Life. The promise of Christianity in China in the light of new understandings of human sociality. Depression and Anxiety in a nutshell — Road to happiness in Cantonese.

Life Now and in the World to Come. Energy Saving for All. From Political, Historical and Legal Perspectives. Success Abroad and Back Home. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for October, From suffering to Blessing. Conversations with Communicators talk series: Hong Kong films - Decline of the old ushering in the new?

Christian Faith and Post- Modernity. Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Practical Tips Leading to a Successful Career. My Understanding of Chinese Calligraphy. From Bereavement to Separation in Life. Be Persevering on the Way of the Cross. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for September, Seek] Emotional Education through the Education of Nature. Not a Famine of Bread. Conversations with Communicators Talk: The ideal and reality of business venture.

A Journey from Academic to Entrepreneur. Silent and Soft, Life to Rise. The Entire Crowd Was Rejoicing. Digital Methods and Social Development. From Divergence to Communion. Lord, teach us to pray. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. To Go or to Stay. The Missionaryhood of All Believers. Distinguished Lecture by Professor Joseph E. Distinguished Lecture by Professor Randy W. Who is my father?

A Light of Life. Transgressing boundaries, realizing catholicity. Lecture Series on Qing History. The Victor and the Victim. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for April, For people to eat first. The City as a Tangled Bank. Jesus, the Firstborn from the Dead. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for March, Christian Church in 21st Century China: Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem.

The Moral Limits of Markets". Information Session - M. Implications for Social Development. The Values of Life: United College Alumni Talk 21st Talk: Public Lectures on History and Business in China Making Money in South China: The Reformation and the Global Christianity. A Journey in Ethnic Relations Research-in-action. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for February, Peace Ministry in Prison. Creativity and Conflicts in Global Contexts. Suppress the Truth, Kill to Silence!

Bilingualism in the early years - what can parents do. Seasonal Influenza and Vaccine. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for January, Christian Intellectuals and Challenges of the Era. COP21 and Paris Agreement: Our Actions and Challenges. Reflections on The Wedding at Cana. Distinguished Lecture by Professor Peter A. Diamond on "Good Pension Design".

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The Rediscovery of Faith. His, Her, and Their Marriages: Was Jesus once a Troubled Youth?! Reimagination of Mary in Advent: Be Anxious for Nothing. Parents Talk on Entrepreneurship. Opportunities for Hong Kong. Some Comparisons with Confucianism and Liberalism. Stand Up and Raise your Heads. Implications for Civil Society. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for November, Form Reasoning, Emotions to Spirituality. Graduate School Seminar on "Engineering. The New World of Energy: Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History So You Are A King?

Public Lecture by Prof. Big Data and Media Theory: Chinese traders in Africa - trapped in liminality. Construction and Language Learning Research. Rethinking Digital Media and Social Change: Un necessariness and In sufficiency in Faith. Parallel Texts, Intersecting Conversations: Gender, Sexuality and Politics. Commandment and Life, Love and Fear. Effective communications among hearing impaired elderly and their families Kowloon.

Design for Sustainability D4S. We Were Like Dreamers. Public Lecture by Professor Enrique V. Economical Development and Biological Preservation. Come Forward and Being Called. India-China Cooperation and Conflict: Assessing the state of Crisis Management Mechanisms. Lecture on the history and culture of State of Zeng State of Sui. Sharing Session on Design Thinking: A Humanistic Approach to Problem-solving. A View from the Rostrum.

Conversations with Communicators Talk Series Three Secrets of Spiritual Growth. A Step in the Search for Life in our Galaxy. Special Pre-Lecture Talk - Earth 2. On Socialist View of Freedom. Midday Oasis Music Concert: The Scraps from the Table. Four Critical Moments of a Pilgrimage. Evidence from the U. The Speech Made Scared. The Politics of Compulsory Education: Effective communications among hearing impaired elderly and their families public talk.

Green Economy and Technology. Looked Like "Emptiness" but "Non-Emptiness". How to improve students' thinking and understanding. God, Are You Still There? We Are Sent Forth! My Daughter Falls Sick Severely. Jeremy Lin, famous NBA professional basketball player. From Fear to Fearlessness. Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue, Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule. Public Talk by Prof.

Deanna Sellnow and Prof. The Field of Guanxi Studies: Children Language Development Series — Speech. Jonathan Jacobs and Prof. Between Excellence and Mediocrity. Depression in the Elderly. Riding into the Holy City, Surrounded by Dangers. If Paul Is Fake? My Dream, My Way. The 6th Chung Chi Christian Festival: The Critical Time of Life: China's Maritime Strategy under Xi Jinping. In Search of Hope Among Regret.

Pastoral Reflection on the Worship Wars. Chanting along the Pathway of Fragrance Part I. Putonghua Fellowship The Im possibility of Faith. Splendid Images Lecture Series: Please help me to be self-reliant to escape from poverty! Deconstructing the Modern Babel Tower. Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon Talk: The Fate Symphony of the Messiah, Psalm Reflection on the Occupy Movement.

Campus Christian Fellowship Luncheon for February: Pi Team Recruitment Info Session. Towns and Villages along the Road to the Holy City. Pursuit of Science — My Life and Family. How is History Written? Lecture on Ancient Gold in China. A Rock and A Breath. Anti-corruption Efforts in the Past 40 Years: A Tale of Two Cities: Learning Through Community Service. News — Truth and Virtue.

Seeing Through the Visual Field of Life: Two-day Workshop on 'Drama Therapy'. Shanghai and Hong Kong: Lecture Series by Academicians on 3 December, When Limit Meets Infinity. What Makes China Grow. Good Use and Abuse of Land. Exiting from One's Faith: Lecture Series on Mughal Jade. How to expand the learning potential of your child.

Arts and Life—Dialogue between Dr. Gao Xingjian and Mr. Leung Man Tao conducted in Putonghua. The Graceful Tradition of Church. Afternoon Lectures by Dr. Pissarides on "The New Normal in China: Art from Paper, Copper and Clay. Life is a Banquet. The Story of a Factory and Beyond. Conversing About Xiao Hong.